2018: Let’s start with an inspirational & engaging event!

2018: Let’s start with an inspirational & engaging event!

Towards positive change – AWARENESS as a starting point for people and businesses

Every individual, like every business, is on a journey. It is essential to understand where you are on this journey, and the connection between individuals and work environments. There are too many mismatches out there, creating much frustration and waste.

If we want to achieve sustainable change – we need to start with what is possible and work our way up. Engage in our workshop about Awareness as a starting point for people and businesses. Explore the universal levels of maturity and conscience and discuss how to utilize this to make change happen.

This evening event was inspired by #UnlockTheImpossible @6-Heads.com which is dedicated to championing innovation towards sustainability. This evening is all about exploring how we, people, can achieve systems change and transform businesses. People are at the heart of everything.

“Personality is to an individual what culture is to a group.”


@ CANVAS CAFÉ. a social enterprise cafe and creative venue just off Brick Lane, London E1

Wednesday Jan, 10th

  • Arriving & Networking: 5.30 pm
  • Introduction to universal levels of maturity: 6 – 6.30 pm
  • Collective discussion, deep dives & group sessions: 6.30 – 8pm
  • Drinks & Networking: 8 – 9pm
  • Doors close @ 9pm

You can book here. Please note this is a non-for-profit event. We charge a small fee to ensure people actually come and all profits will be donated to the good causes of the Canvas Café and our Monkey Business in Borneo.

So, even if you cannot make it you have done a good deed (that day ; )