GPi Joins Ethical Banking

GPi Joins Ethical Banking

We have great news. As part of our process of getting BCorp certified we reviewed our landscape of suppliers, partners and clients.

Most importantly, we changed our bank and am now with Triodos Bank.

 “In 2004 we signed up with HSBC as our bank. I liked their marketing and international reach which I thought would make our lives easier when opening new offices abroad. At some point, we worked with HSBC and it became clear that they were just another corporate bank; a cool marketing agency but that was about it. In addition, they still invest in fossil fuel companies and projects – something we strongly object.”  

Rhys Marc Photis
Founder @ Global Performance Improvement Ltd


Triodos Bank N.V. is a personal and business bank based in the Netherlands with branches in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain. It is a pioneer in ethical banking. Triodos Bank finances companies which it thinks add cultural value and benefit to both people and the environment. That includes companies in the fields of solar energy, organic farming or culture.


“It was near enough unbelievable (in a good way) to see that the bank really checked us out and clarified various points before giving GPi the go-ahead. We are happy to be part of a new understanding of banking.”

Kerstin van Eckert 
Co-founder @ Global Performance Improvement Ltd


The name Triodos is derived from the Greek “τρὶ ὁδος – tri hodos,” meaning “three-way approach” (people, planet, profit). Triodos bank was founded as an anthroposophical initiative and continues to honor the work of Rudolf Steiner as the inspiration for its approach to banking.