Leadership: Nurture vs. Nature

Leadership: Nurture vs. Nature

This in an on-going discussion and as so often the truth lies somewhere in the middle…

If you’ve ever heard someone praise an executive as a “born leader,” you might wonder if anyone is really born to lead. According to extensive research published in ‘How to be Exceptional’ which includes data on 27,000 executives, this is not the case.
The authors calculate that approximately 32% of leadership ability is genetically based and that the other 68% depends on other factors, such as developing the skills that leadership requires.

Furthermore, in 2002, respected industrial psychologist Melvin Sorcher, working with James Brant, wrote in the Harvard Business Review, “Our experience has led us to believe that much of leadership is hardwired in people before they reach their early or mid-20s.”

However, while genetics are a legitimate factor in leadership ability, extensive research
indicates that those who work hard definitely improve their strengths as leaders.
It just doesn’t get any easier, does it?