London: Why not start the new year by trying something new?

London: Why not start the new year by trying something new?

We’re inviting 6 decision-makers responsible for the growth of their firm to experience our round-table event first hand.

We’re hoping that by experiencing the event first-hand we might be able to collaborate with your firm to host a similar complementary event.

Our sessions are a way of establishing loyal partnerships with your clients and the ones you want to win over.


Benefits for our partners:

• The topics explored via the Pathfinder method are guaranteed to help the attendees grow their business, and we’ve found that our partners have learned a lot about their clients by being involved too

• Because of the intimate nature of the event it tends to create an environment where strong relationships can be built – both between clients in attendance and between you and your clients

• GPi runs an intimate value-add event for your clients and potential clients

• It’s a great way to stand out with your clients as a firm that goes above and beyond


We will cover:
• Identifying the various stages of business growth
• Clarifying what typical troubles hold growth back
• Examining typical but specific business cases
• Outlining specific tips to help increase performance and flow
• Reviewing how these sessions can be used to engage with your clients on a much more personal level

All the details you need:
Date:  January, 25th
Time: 9 am to 11.30 am
Location: Central London

Some of the topics we covered in the past: “Digital transformations, Post-merger Integrations, M&A Cultural Due-diligence, Growth Challenges, Moving from a product to a service-oriented company, Scaling your organization, Recruiting for Culture-fit, Change & Transformation Management etc.”. For specific cases please go to the summary section of

If you are interested in attending our partner session and think you should be there, please drop us a line at Pathfinder[at]GPiOnline[dot]com

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