Partnering: Workshop Sessions to Drive Client Engagement & Development

Partnering: Workshop Sessions to Drive Client Engagement & Development

As part of our work with the ‘open-source’ Pathfinder Method we’re inviting 6 decision-makers responsible for the growth of their firm to experience our round-table event first hand. An example for an innovative and intimate client-engagement with amazing insights.

Over breakfast, we explore ways for business leaders to improve productivity within their growing business, with a view to improving the bottom line. We demonstrate how to navigate the complexities of driving growth whilst improving retention rates and developing strong and sustainable client relationships.

I imagine this would resonate with your clients, and therefore would be a great value-add for them.

We’re hoping that by experiencing the event first-hand we will be able to collaborate with your firm to host a similar complementary event. We would love to support your client relationship strategy.



Benefits for our partners:

+ GPi runs an intimate value-add event for your (potential) clients

+ It’s a great way to stand out with your clients as a firm that goes above and beyond

+ Because of the intimate nature of the event it tends to create an environment where strong relationships can be built – both between clients in attendance and between you and your clients

+ The topics explored via the Pathfinder method are guaranteed to help the attendees grow their business, and we’ve found that our partners have learned a lot about their clients by being involved too.




Our workshop will cover:

  • Practical examples and case studies
  • Outlining specific tips to help increase performance and flow
  • Identifying the universal stages of business growth
  • Clarifying how typical misalignments hinder growth
  • Insight into our agile and engaging workshops sessions
  • Reviewing how these sessions can be used to engage with your clients on a much more personal level


Dates in 2017:

• March, 2nd  – successful session
March, 23rd – successful session
April, 26th – successful session
May, 3rd – successful session
April, 27th – successful session
June, 5th  – successful session
September, 9th – successful session
November, 11th – successful session

Time: 9 am to 12 pm [midday] Location: London NW1 1HS – right between Kings Cross and Euston

Please let us know if you are interested in attending a session because we are thinking about running a few additional ones in 2018 – simply because they are thought-provoking, personal and insightful. Call +44 207 9932980.


If you are interested in attending in one of our workshops this year and think you should be there, please drop us a line at Pathfinder[at]GPiOnline[dot]com.


For more information on our Pathfinder Method and Tool, please visit our website with lots of videos and short explanations.

Pathfinder Videos:
* What is it?
* Why is it so useful?
* How does it work?
* So what are your benefits?