WANTED: Self-organised Biz to be featured on BusinessZone

WANTED: Self-organised Biz to be featured on BusinessZone

We are trying to write an article for Business Zone about self-organised/managed ‘teal’ organisations and am in need for an interview partner in the UK.

Speaking of ‘teal’ we are referring to Graves’ levels/Spiral Dynamics/Frederic Laloux. I have examples for the US (Valve Software), Brazil (Semco) but have real difficulties finding an organisation in the UK.

If you know of an organisation which fits the following criteria and even better have a contact who would be up for an interview PLEASE let Rhys know.

  • Size: 50-250 employees
  • Management Structure: not more than 2 hierarchy levels
  • Style: Business provides absolute transparency (e.g. data insight, P&L, wages)
  • Remuneration: The wage factor between lowest and highest earner is max. 1:5
  • Strategy: New business services/products are developed from within the business (by people who have ideas and can formalize these).
  • Business Development is part of everyone in the company.


Please let us know if you know of a company who fits all above criteria and would like to be featured in a BZ article. We need to interview 1-2 key people in the business.

Thanks you for your help.

Rhys, Christina & Team